Personal thinking: Where are you going to travel? How long? What way?


The first question that everybody would ask you after mentioning you are going to travel is:

Where are you going?

Choosing the destination has always been difficult for us. We would never say: « we absolutely want to go THERE ». We would like to visit every country in the world but there are approximately 200, so we have to pick up one in order to be able to start travelling.

The second question would be:

How long are you going to travel for?how-long-travel

When working 5 days per week, we either would have travelled for 10 days per year or have not travelled at all.
But for this trip, both our contracts end and we are not going to look for another job. So, right now, we are not able to answer this question. We just want to go on an adventure.


The third question would be:

What way of travelling?

way-of-travellingIn general, it would be easy to answer this question. If you go to another continent or country, you will probably travel by plane. If you visit the same country you live in, you may go by car. But in our case, for the trip we have in mind, we did not choose these ways of travelling.

Suspense, suspense…Continue reading and you will find the answer.

Before writing about our PERFECT TRIP, we would like to share with you two other ideas.

Our 1rst idea was to arrange a WHV (working holiday visa)!

With a WHV, you can live abroad up to 1 year and decide whether to travel or work in the country of your interest. Depending on your nationality though, you have different choices when it comes to choose the destination.

  • American     3 countries: Australia, Ireland, New Zealand
  • Brazilian      New Zealand + 2 others countries coming soon : France, Germany
  • Belgian         5 countries: Australia, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Taïwan
  • Canadian     31 countries: Australia, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Taïwan…
  • Dutch           4 countries: Australia, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand
  • German       9 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Japan…
  • Italian          4 countries: Australia, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand
  • Portuguese 3 countries: Australia, South Korea, Japan
  • Spanish       4 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, New Zealand

For French citizenship, please read the article in French.
For other nationalities, please visit this page and select your home country.

WHV CanadaIn our case (both French), we had to choose among 16 countries. Finally, we narrowed our choice down to Australia or Argentina.
Experiencing a WHV is a great idea! If you want to do it, go for it without hesitating! 4 years ago, Antoine did a WHV in Canada. He really liked this experience. As for me, I lived for 4 years in Quebec during my studies. As you may have noticed, we already know what it means living abroad! Experiencing again another expatriation through a WHV would be nice, but we are now looking for a different challenge. We would like to step out of our comfort zone.

Our 2nd idea was to go for a bike trip for 6 months!

We do not usually practice a lot of sports. We only used to ride our bikes a few times per year. But now, we want to challenge ourselves!
Initially, we thought of travelling by bike for 6 months heading to Asia, as it is one of the continents we have not visited yet.

Bike + 6 months + Asia = Crossing Europe + Up from Asia to Mongolia

We really liked this idea. But we wanted to push further our boundaries…we wanted more adventure. Travelling for 6 months was not enough. It was too short!!!

Moreover, reading blogs on how to travel with no money, or on how to travel without spending too much money led us to consider the idea to leave for a longer period.
Then, we said to each other: “But… Why do not we travel around the world?”

You will find the detail of OUR PERFECT TRIP here.


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