Our perfect trip!


We have the dream since a few years now, to travel around the world.

Our dream will finally come true !!!

After a lot of thinking, we finally find the ingredients of OUR PERFECT TRIP !

♦ Be independent
♦ Take our time
♦ Camp
♦ Be together
♦ Avoid the touristic zones
♦ Meet local population

For us, all these aspects are present while travelling on a bike.

We will travel by bike !!!
Departure April 2018 !!!

Travel itinerary

Our travel itinerary is not determined yet.
We wanted to go towards the American continent but we will need to find a boat (a sailing boat preferably) in order to cross the Atlantic ocean. It will be probably a little bit difficult to find a sailor who will accept us in October. But who knows, maybe…
The other solution is to go towards East Europe and Asia. In this case, it is only up to us. We just have to ride our bike and to pedal towards our dream.

itineraryThe itinerary of our trip is not one of our problem for now. We want to travel around the world so it is does not really matter if we will start it towards West or East. But as soon as we will make our decision, we will inform you!

It is time now to step into the adventure! The departure is for April 2018!!!

You want to join our adventure? No problem! You have several options!

  1. The first one is to follow us every week through this blog or to follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter…
  2. The second is to comment our articles.
  3. The third is to get on your own bike and to join us on the road of France or elsewhere!


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