About us !

Welcome in our blog Max Travel Mini Waste!

Firstval, we just want to say a BIG SORRY for our English. We are not English native then we are probably making a lot of mistakes. We are really happy to be able to write our blog in English but please be patient and comprehensive.

Who are we?

Max travel Mini waste is the blog of 2 dreamers. We are Aurore and Antoine, 26 years old, 2 nature lovers.


Aurore (seen by Antoine)

Aurore is a girl in need of adventure. She loves travelling since her expatriation in Canada for her studies. Self-confident and very organized, she is in charge of the budget and of the travel organization.





Antoine (seen by Aurore)

Dreamer, adventurer and handyman, Antoine is a false calm with always a lot of adventures to tell. For him, travelling is awesome, but the preparation is boring. He prefers being into the action and set off an adventure suddenly on an impulse.
Antoine experienced a 1 year WHV (working holiday visa) in Canada. Knowing the difficulties to obtain this visa means that when he wants to do something, he can make it happening.

Our project!

We are talking about travel, we are dreaming travel and we are eating travel. For us, travelling is life. After a travel festival, we decided to DO IT… to travel around the world. We want to discover the world, new cultures and to see what can offer the Nature.

Our project is to do a trip by bike. This journey is for us THE WAY to live at the Nature rhythm and to discover ourselves. We are currently living too fast and we have only few times for ourselves. Our mind is always into action. “I need to do this, I need to do that, what can I watch at the TV, Oh did you see this news on Internet”. But to find the happiness, we need to disconnect and to relax. I cannot wait anymore; I want to leave, being in the middle of nowhere to be FREE!

This trip is for us THE WAY to discover new cultures. We want to learn a lot about others. We decided to volunteer in every country we will cross. In this way, it will be easier to meet local population and to help them as much as we can.

Let’s talk now about the landscapes; white sand beaches with palm trees, tropical forests, deserts or icebergs. The dreams to be in contact with the Nature 24h/24; to meet lot of different animals/plants as we probably do not know the name yet. We decided to do this trip in respect with the environment. We do not want to let any traces of our passage. For this reason, we will take no plane and we will travel without bins (because we will not need them;) ). We will do our grocery with cloth bags of different sizes and with our Tupperwares in order to buy less packaging products. We are quite INEXPERIENCED in the zero waste lifestyle, so the first couple of days/months will not be easier but I am sure we will make it.

Our trip nearly zero-waste is almost ready! Departure in October 2017!

Why this blog?

We decided to create this blog for several reasons.

1. The first one is to stay connected; because otherwise I am sure, when we will be in Amazon forest, we will forget to give some news to our families. The blog is a good way to keep in touch.
2. We create this blog for us, to be able to remember what we did in 10 years. I (me, Aurore) have a “bad” memory and I do not want to forget all the beautiful adventures that we will make.
3. To share our passion: The Travel; but also to share our good and our bad findings to all the person that will be interested by reading it.

You want to join our adventure? No problem! You have several options!

1. The first one is to follow us every week through this blog or to follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter…
2. The second is to comment our articles.
3. The third is to get on your own bike and to join us on the road of France or elsewhere!