The 8 advantages of travelling by bike


Today, there are so many ways of travelling: hitchhiking, by motorbike, by car, by van, by boat or by plane. Each way of travelling has its advantages and its disadvantages. So why are we going to travel by bike?

Travelling by bike is for us the best way to travel. It corresponds to our values.

Here are 8 advantages of travelling by bike

1. Travel slowly

Travelling by bike is maybe not a solution if you are going to travel for a few weeks. But if you want to take your time, it is a perfect way of travelling. Cycling is a good method to relax and forget about your worries. Moreover, you will discover beautiful landscapes that you would not discover travelling another way.

2. Easy way to meet people

Bikes attract people. People are curious about bikes and their « enormous » bags. Many questions come to our mind when we see some travellers by bike:
Where are they coming from?
How can these people travel with so many bags?
And at the same time: How are they living with such few things?
Where are they going?

3. Travel in non-touristic place

go-off-beaten-tracksIf you do not like crowded (or overcrowded) places (big cities or touristic zones) it will be easy with your bike to avoid these places. You will be able to go off the beaten tracks and meet authentic local population.





4. Be independent

If you want to be independent, biking is a good way of travelling. On your bike, you can transport a lot of stuff (almost “all” your house). All the stuff that you need for cooking, being clean and sleeping will be on your bike. But be careful, if you want to be able to cycle, you will have to select what you are taking with you.
This is also amazing to travel thanks to the strength of your legs.

5. Camp in amazing places

travelling-by-bikeWe looooove camping!!! Camping for us means rest, holidays. During our future trip, we will be able to stop each time we find a beautiful place. This is the magic of slow travelling. Lovely beaches, forests and countrysides, there we will be.





6. Sporting challenge

maybe too easy with this kind of bike

If you ride a bike every weekend or even if you do some bike competition, then, travelling by bike will be easy for you. But if you rarely cycle, like us, here is the sporting challenge! Especially if like us, you prefer to stay in your couch rather than going for a walk in the forest. Now I want to say “BIG SPORTING CHALLENGE”! But I am sure it will be ok. We will go slowly the first days and it will be fine.

Besides the sporting challenge, the big advantage of biking is it keeps you fit. This is great especially when you start to get old!




7. Cheap

For a traveller, sleeping and getting around are the most expensive expenses.
No need to take a plane or a bus to reach a destination with a bike. Ok, it will take you longer but you will have time to appreciate the landscape.
It is possible not to spend too much money for sleeping: hostel, Airbnb, Couchsurfing… . When you travel by bike, you can opt for this kind of accommodation but you can also decide to camp in a campsite or even in the wild. Buying a light and comfy tent can be expensive at the beginning but after few nights sleeping in it, it is cheaper than sleeping in a hotel. Moreover, you will be able to camp in amazing places. I can understand than this way of sleeping is not fantastic for everybody but this is a good means to travel cheaply.

8. Environmentally friendly

Environment is becoming more and more important. Cycling has the advantage not to use fossil energy for moving on and not to produce CO2. Travelling by bike is in this way less polluting than the other ways of travelling.

The only disadvantages that we can think about right now are:

⁃ we will always have our bike with us. What are we going to do with our bikes when we visit a city or when we hike a mountain?
⁃ If we are doing wild camping, how are we going to take our shower? We will probably miss our hot shower.

What do you think about this article? Would you be tempted as well to travel by bike? What would your motivation(s) be?

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